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Weddings in Calabria
Married in Calabria

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Calabria, a region with a thousand fascinating places, from the remarkable variety of landscapes, is one of the ideal destinations to get married. Rich in ancient towns, picturesque old towns, Baroque buildings, and a spectacular panorama that stretches from rugged coastline overlooking the sea, hills and mountains surrounded by lush greenery. Spectacular scenery and attractive to organize the wedding of your dreams. For those who prefer the sea areas, pin and the Costa degli Dei, the coast with a series of beaches from the sea caressing the transparent turquoise and emerald hue, small bays enclosed by cliffs and beaches of white sand. Town on the precipice of a cliff, lively and interesting from the standpoint of history, art and landscape, and Pizzo, excellent choice for lovers of the sea, walking on the beach at Pizzo, you arrive at the small church of Piedigrotta, entirely excavated in the tuff as ex voto for a shipwreck occurred in 700, to make the most evocative atmosphere within the church is the light that penetrates through cracks in the rock. Best-known center of the whole promontory is the small town of Tropea, a kind of acropolis between the Gulf of St. Eufemia and the Gulf of Gioia Tauro. The structure of the area means that everything is set on terraces overlooking the sea, the town is enhanced by a historical center surrounded by noble buildings from medieval sculpted portals, with a maze of narrow streets that open into courtyards, alleys and steps toward marine area, balconies overlooking the sea, beaches and cliffs, symbol of the town is the sanctuary of Santa Maria island, its location is spectacular, set on an islet that closes the beach at the west foot of living founded in early Middle Ages as a Benedictine monastery, the complex over the years has undergone several changes.

Further south we find the stretch of coast that culminates in Capo Vaticano, full of history and beauty, where the sea, the sun, the irresistible appeal of the coastline and the beautiful landscapes combine with a wonderfully diverse cultural heritage and history.

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Weddings Tropea

Tropea is truly a gem in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the perfect place to get married in a romance.

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