Calabria apartments : list of apartments in Calabria along the Costa degli Dei between Pizzo and Nicotera

Appartamenti Calabria : elenco degli appartamenti presenti in Calabria lungo la Costa degli Dei tra Pizzo e Nicotera


Apartments in Calabria
Calabria Apartments

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If you are looking for an apartment or a house in Calabria, Costa degli Dei, Tropeaholiday is the website for useful information to make the booking, for prices and the best deals. Receive 'apartment with features that most delight: apartments with pool, holiday homes near the sea beach front apartments, holiday homes overlooking the sea, etc..

Tropea Santa Maria Dell' Isola

Apartments located in Calabria to Tropea, 7000 pop. H. 60 s.m. Undisputed pearl coastal tourism thrived. Tropea is a seaside resort among the most celebrated and can justly claim the title of capital of the holidays, because its sea, its white beaches, can compete with those of the most famous tourist resorts.

Capo Vaticano

Holiday homes in Calabria, at Capo Vaticano 4250 pop., H 280 sm tourist accommodation that can be considered a 'natural oasis. From the lighthouse overlooking the sea through a short path allows you to enjoy breathtaking views with a view that reaches the Aeolian Islands.
Apartments in Tropea
Tropea Apartments and Villas
Capo Vaticano Apartment
Capo Vaticano Villa

Parghelia panoramica sul porto di Tropea

Parghelia, has along with the nearby Tropea, one of the most picturesque coasts of Calabria: golden beaches alternate with small bays and the cliff of Pizzuta.
Parghelia Apartment

Capo Vaticano

Legend traces its foundation to Hercules on the sea, not far from the village, would build Herculis Forum today Formicoli. More likely, instead, had originated in the Byzantine era and was the University of Tropea house.
Ricadi Apartment

Santa Domenica Baia di Riaci

Tourist village located on the Coast of the gods between Tropea and Capo Vaticano.

Santa Domenica Apartment
Gasponi a village situated on a hill overlooking the famous seaside town of Tropea, a 3 km away.

Gasponi Apartments

Gozzo Tropea

List of villas and cottages found in Tropea and surroundings along the Coast of the gods.

Tropea Apartments and Villas


Seaside resort 12 km from Tropea. Complete with facilities for tourism still in development. Country of agricultural importance, in September we held an exhibition of livestock.
Zambrone Apartments

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