Calabria Residence: list of residence in Calabria - South Italy and along the coast

Residence Calabria : elenco dei residence presenti in Calabria Sud Italia lungo la costa


Residence in Calabria

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Tropeaholiday of Calabria is the starting point for the those who have decided to visit the beautiful Coast of the Gods for holiday in freedom. On our Tourism Portal you can find many ways to spend a pleasant holiday in Calabria.

santuario dell' isola di Tropea

Residence located in Calabria to Tropea, 7000 population , h. 60 s.m. Undisputed pearl coastal tourism thrived. Tropea is a seaside resort among the most celebrated and can justly claim the title of capital of the holidays, because its sea, its white beaches, can compete with those of the most famous tourist resorts.

Residence Tropea Calabria
Capo Vaticano

Residence located in Calabria to Capo Vaticano 4.250 population, h 280 s.m. tourist accommodation that can be considered a 'natural oasis. From the lighthouse overlooking the sea through a short path allows you to enjoy breathtaking views with a view that reaches the Aeolian Islands

Residence Capo Vaticano Calabria
Parghelia, has along with the nearby Tropea, one of the most picturesque coasts of Calabria: golden beaches alternate with small bays and the cliff of Pizzuta.
Residence Parghelia Calabria
scorcio della costa di Zambrone
1800 population., H. 60 s.m.
Briatico between Tropea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Marina area has had, as the whole coast of Vibo Valentia, very encouraged by the remarkable development of tourism exceptional natural beauty.
Residence Zambrone Calabria

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