Calabria wellness: spas guide along the Costa degli Dei

Centri benessere Calabria : guida ai centri benessere lungo la Costa degli Dei


Calabria wellness holidays

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For those who love to 'switch off', the Wellness Center with the services offered are designed to body care, health, beauty, applying medication hinges Eastern philosophies of welfare associated with modernity and creating new trends. We offer a guide to living and Wellness and Capo Vaticano in Calabria, lodging centers in 3 / 4 star, choosing from a variety of room types and different types of treatment and accommodation. A wide range of facilities to help you relax, improve physical appearance, a purified through advice, pampering, coddling, with any service and the amenities you need, swimming pool, massage, spa, gym, solarium, cosmetics, healing baths, etc.. Healthy holidays in Calabria, combine the relaxation of the sea in one of the most beautiful coasts of Italy to cuddle healing to regain health, beauty ...

Centri benessere Capo Vaticano

In the heart of the Costa degli Dei arise Wellbeing, this very strategic location makes it the ideal place to carve SPA Center precious moments of complete relaxation between stretches of cloudless and crystal clear turquoise sea and relaxing paths purification and strengthening.

Capo Vaticano with its creeks and its princeless beauty of landscapes is the perfect place to spend a vacation in one of the most beautiful and suggestive spots of the Coast of the Gods. The Beauty Farm surrounded by orange and lemon are the perfect place for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and wellness in an atmosfere of pampering and romance.

Capo Vaticano wellness holidays


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