Aeolian Islands mini-cruise: departure from Tropea tourist port

Minicrociere Isole Eolie : in Calabria con partenza dal porto di Tropea


Aeolian Islands mini-cruises from Tropea

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Mini cruises from the port of Tropea in the beautiful archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is located in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. It's consists of 10 inter-island and islets, but only seven are inhabited: Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea, Stromboli. The surface of the archipelago of 115 square km, 20 are the population centers, 4 municipalities S. Marina Salina, Malfa, Leni in the 'island of Salina and Lipari. The population is approximately 12,000 inhabitants. The islands are part of the Region of Sicily and depend on the province of Messina.

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15.30 hrs Departure from the Port of Tropea, arrival at Stromboli shopping and bathroom
21.00 hrs Departure from Stromboli, a boat excursion to see the lava flow
23.45 hrs arrival Tropea

ORE 07:45

Port of Tropea

Departure from the port of Tropea on Stromboli volcano consists of andesitic lavas and ancient basaltic lavas that ends with two peaks, whose highest peak is called Vancori and between which there is a hole at 750 meters. from the sea by perennially active eruptive vents, so that the craters we see the launch of lapilli and incandescent material that fall on a wall called Sciara di Fuoco.

Tropea crociere isole Eolie, Stromboli - Vulcano - Lipari
  • Stromboli

ORE 11:15

Departure of Stromboli.

Skirting Panarea, the smallest of the islands, famous for its prehistoric village dating back to the promontory of Milazzese 'Bronze Age (XIV - XIII century BC.) Composed of oval huts unless protected by a rectangular enclosure with mills and mortars in stone. You get to Lipari, major gateway and commercial Aeolian Islands . Coast generally high with stacks and cliffs and caves. Interesting pumice quarries from the slopes of the red rocks, wonderful and the museum is divided into sections with findings of the fourth and third millennium BC Other 's Bronze Age 2000-1400 BC, pottery dating from 1400-1250 BC ETC. Visiting the town through the thousands of streets.

tropea minicrociere alle isole eolie Strombli
  • Vulcano

ORE 15:15

Departure for Vulcano

Anciently called Thermes, terasa, hier, island of Vulcano or Efisto. Legend has it that was the home of Aeolus god of the winds. The east bay is affected by events fumarole where submarine springs (warm water) and natural mud (sulfur) have exceptional qualities for effective therapeutic reomatismi, for arthritis and circulatory ailments.

Isole Eolie dal porto di Ulisse di Tropea
  • Back port of Tropea

ORE 17:00

Departure for Tropea

During the return you can admire the vast landscape of Capo Vaticano.
Arrived about h 19.15

Eolie crociere in motonave con partenza dal porto di Tropea

The SAS Tropeamar not liable for items left unattended on the motorboat. Reservations are subject to availability. Cancellations: accepted until 23:00 hrs the day prior to departure. Cancellations: The Tropeamar reserve the right to cancel at any time the trip certainly 's obligation to reimburse the sums received. All 'note of reservations must be paid the sum of € 5.00 for adults and children. Time limit: after 7:30 am will accept the list 's expectation. The Commander of the motor vessel when it was necessary to vary the program by giving notice to passengers without obligation to repay the sum involved if half of the program was carried out, if we can not dock in one of the islands will prolong the stop on the others.

Preice: Adult € 45,00 - Boys 3 / 12 years € 25.00 - One Way € 25.00
Ticket entrance to the Canary Islands € 1.00

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